Chapter Chit-Chat-Golden Gate Chapter


ANAC Golden Gate

Over here at ANAC Golden Gate, we are a lively, passionate and committed bunch. 


We traditionally have dinner meetings on a Wednesday every month or two at local restaurants and have had some fantastic speakers! This year we have been very active, with a packed meeting every month.  We’ve learned about the Gardner cascade, caring for people of color living with HIV/AIDS and HIV /Hep C co-infection.  Our April meeting is scheduled on HIV resistance and some other upcoming topics scheduled through the summer are PrEP, HIV & Aging and HIV and women and the upcoming single pill (name unknown) co-formulation of Dolutegravir/Epzicom.  We generally start each meeting off with a rousing raffle game, chapter business and announcements which we follow with  a community presentation from a local agency or group before moving on to the main speaker.  At our last meeting, we were all very inspired to hear from Tez Anderson of Let’s Kick ASS (AIDS Survivor Syndrome) @, about the important grass roots work and advocacy he is doing with long term survivors.  We at ANACGG, are a welcoming group made up of nurses of every stripe: RN’s, nurse case managers, nursing students, NP’s, PhD’d, clinical professors, masters in public health nurses—just to name a few.  True to the San Francisco spirit, we are a diverse group in gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity, sexuality and HIV status, but primarily, we see ourselves as nurses! We have people working in community and private settings, academic faculty and individuals applying for nursing school amongst our mix.  We continue to see new faces at our meetings each month, which we love!  This year, I have kicked up the activity on our Facebook page, which I now hope can serve as a useful HIV information portal for all.  I post articles daily about the latest HIV research, opinion pieces, community pieces and even HIV related book reviews.  Check it out and join the conversation!

This year we also welcomed Chris Fox, NP  into our leadership who has done a fantastic job as our community liaison and SoSon Jong, RN, PhD as our international liaison. Continuing in leadership roles are myself, Pierre Crouch, NP, PhD (secretary) and Marion Pelligrini, RN (Policy).  Upcoming community volunteer activities include the Up Your Alley fair, AIDS Walk and Folsom Street fair.  Our meetings are always friendly, boisterous, engaging and, most of all-fun! We invite you all to come west and check out ANAC Golden Gate the next time you are in town.
Jonathan Van Nuys, NP

President, ANACGG


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