Chapter Chit-Chat: Baton Rogue

Baton Rouge members (from left): Patricia Grover, Pamela Williams, Kenya Williams

Baton Rouge members (from left): Patricia Grover, Pamela Williams, Kenya Williams

In addition to our three business meetings this year, the Baton Rouge Chapter (BRANIAC) has been working to educate and network with providers in our community and to recruit new members! In July, we were privileged to collaborate with Gilead Sciences to host a monthly meeting for the Louisiana Nurse Practitioner’s Association. Ms. Bethsheba Johnson, Gilead Senior Medical Scientist, presented “HIV Epidemiology and Linkage to Care” to a crowd of 35 nurse practitioners. We discussed the grim local statistics for the capital area, the HIV/AIDS Care Continuum, and the importance of testing. She engaged the participants in an informative discussion, including role play scenarios, which addressed how to appropriately and effectively offer HIV testing in the primary care setting and the national guidelines for testing. We also discussed several case studies of “missed opportunities” for HIV diagnosis. Members of our Chapter were then present to offer resources to help them link their newly diagnosed positive patients. We gave each participant a card with the contact information for the local Case Management agencies and medical clinics.

BRANIAC was so thankful for this partnership with Gilead and the LA Nurse Practitioner’s Association. We received great feedback and even recruited a new member! We are looking forward to partnering again with Gilead in October for an “HIV in Corrections” talk when we will reach out to the providers in area jails and prisons. We are also looking forward to sending two representatives to the National Conference in November!


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