Local Heroes: A Celebration of the Faces Behind ANAC

Local Hero from the Metro Atlanta Chapter

Marie Todd-Turner, Local Hero from the Metro Atlanta Chapter

This month we would like to highlight a member of the Metro #Atlanta ANAC Chapter, Marie Todd-Turner.  Congratulations, Marie, we are so proud of you and your work in #HIV care.  Marie defines what it means to be an active member of ANAC, involved in the organization for the last 14 years.  She has held many local offices including President and currently serves on the Atlanta board as our membership chair person.  In addition, she has had her #ACRN for years.  Almost every year she attends ANAC’s national #conference.

Marie is truly an example of a #nurse, passionate about caring for patients with HIV and their families affected by the disease.  She has been in HIV care for the last 30 years and has been a nurse for the last 35 years.  Her first experiences working with patients with HIV, began while she was the Chief of Preventive Medicine for the #Army Nurse Corps, serving overseas in Germany.  Among her various roles were to oversee the STD, TB and ID programs.  Members of our military began being identified as HIV positive during Marie’s tenure there, from 1979-1997. Marie was involved in notification, counseling, and getting them stateside to be evaluated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center​.

When she retired from the military and returned stateside, she worked for a year at Gwinnett County Health Department.  From there, she interviewed and accepted a position at Emory University​, Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) which was, and still is housed at the Grady Infectious Disease Program.  At CFAR she helped conduct some of the research governing how we treat patients today.  Briefly, she left Atlanta to take an HIV research job at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)​ in Bethesda, Maryland but moved back to Atlanta soon after that.

In 2002 she became the Clinical Manager at the Grady Infectious Disease program. Here she oversees more than 16 nurses, 10 support staff members, in 4 daily clinics and multiple specialty clinics which include anoscopy, colposcopy, neurology, pulmonology, and Hep C,  to name a few.  She coordinates and cooperates with other disciplines such as pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology to make sure procedures are in place to keep the IDP operating efficiently.  Part of the Grady Health System organization, the Grady IDP is a Ryan White funded program that cares for patients with a CD4 count below 200 in 20 counties in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Sometimes the patients refer to her as Miss Marie and many of them have established a long term relationship with her.  Her passion stems from a deep desire to see them be successful in life, seeing them at their worst and then their best, celebrating their victories, providing supportive comfort when they fail.  She truly loves her patients.

She is known to provide a servant leadership model to the staff.  Even though she is in an administrative position, there is no task that is below her.  Marie will jump in to assist her staff wherever and whenever she is needed.   She is at the IDP before anyone else and often is the last to leave.  Marie encourages the staff to be ANAC members and to become ACRN’s.  She supports her staff’s professional and personal development by adjusting schedules to provide for vacations, conference attendance and undergraduate and graduate school work.

We are so proud to have Marie as our Atlanta Local Hero, thank you Marie for all you have done and continue to do in this battle against HIV and AIDS.


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