Local Hero: Celebrating The Faces Behind ANAC

Julie Heuduck, Baton Rouge ANAC Local Hero

Julie Heuduck, Baton Rouge ANAC Local Hero

After working overseas for twenty years, Julie Heuduck came back to Louisiana two years ago to finish up a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) master’s program.  Upon returning, she brought back a plethora of local, national and international nursing and health care experiences that has formed the foundation of her nursing career. Her desire to work with the HIV population began when she saw her parents cooking and taking care of HIV persons over thirty years ago. Ever since then, she has been involved with the HIV community. For the past two decades, she did HIV work in South America, where she raised her three girls. Being involved with the local HIV community in Asuncion-Paraguay, many opportunities arose to teach about the transmission of the virus and many other facts about HIV. The “perfect” time arose several years ago for her to return to the USA, and with much pleasure, she found the Baton Rouge local chapter of ANAC on last year. Julie states, “Being a member of BRANIAC means working with a strong and determined group of colleagues of the Baton Rouge community who enjoy working with HIV clients.  Nursing is rewarding and fulfilling knowing we work with a population of persons who truly appreciate their healthcare providers”.

Upon completion of the FNP track in December, Julie hopes to continue working with persons infected with HIV.

When the Chapter of BRANIAC was asked, “What do you all think about Julie?” The collective response was, “Julie has been an asset to our chapter since the day she attended her first meeting. Her eagerness to learn is infectious. She has been a wonderful recruiter for us, bringing many coworkers and friends with her to our meetings. Her experiences in nursing and her love for it have brought a renewed sense of pride and confidence to our group!”

This is why BRANIAC celebrates Julie Heuduck as our Local Hero for the month of October.


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